Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For.
You vs You
20-Minute Full Body Workouts At Home:
With structured progression and interactive coach support... 
Guiding those with busy lives to a healthier, happier self.
[Beginners only]

Unhappy with your self-image?
Want to get moving again and start losing weight?

We have created a unique,
interactive and coach-led 28-day program just for you.

No judgements, no comparisons to others. 
(and no dancing required!)

We’ve called it
You vs You
And it takes NO TIME AT ALL!
A Safe Place For Beginner's Only:
The Support You Need
No Judgements
Learn In The Safety Of Your Home 
No Equipment Required
"I loved YOU vs YOU so much, I got the other mom's doing it too!"
Keira, 37
Video example
This is a totally hands-on approach where we work with you Personally.
Video example
Includes All THIS:
  • DAILY Exercise Guidance & Workouts From The Coaches.  
  •  PERSONAL FEEDBACK: on meals nutrition goals, + exercise. 
  •  GYM FREE: No gym equipment, no dance moves, all at home. 
  •  FULL ACCOUNTABILITY: With fun rewards and contests! 
  •  PRIVATE CHAT: Throughout about your goals + getting there.
Follow along on any device with instructional guides, videos and help when you need it...

No judgements, no comparisons.

The goal here is to get you moving as part of your lifestyle, in fun and varied ways. Any questions you have, your coach is there to answer and guide you.

  •  Stay at home mom's 
  •  Individuals who used to be fit but no longer exercise 
  •  Those who do little to no physical activity each week
You vs You training program

"A GREAT OPPORTUNITY for those who don’t have enough time, struggle to stay motivated, and want to belong to something as they start their fitness journey." 

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You vs You tank top
You vs You T shirt
Isn't it time YOU began?
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